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Default Memento

((First one is also the most recent just because it's the first one I could dig up.))

It was going on eight years now since Slywyn had freely seen home. She snuck in now and again for certain things, but never quite had time to take in the sights, or visit any of the old familiar places. Each visit had to be cut short for fear of her life, for a crime committed before her exile.

She was standing outside the portal to Darnassus from Rut'Theran village, hidden inside thick plate armor. The helmet had two features about it that she liked. One, it hid her face and head entirely. Two, from it's unique shape, it produced an almost-perfect mimic of the voice of a Death Knight. She thought it ironic that her dead kin would be more welcome in Darnassus than one of the living.

She stopped for a moment, letting the memories wash over her. If she had to be cruelly honest with herself, eight years wasn't very long a time at all. For a life spanning thousands of years, it was barely a drop in the bucket of time. But it seemed much longer.

This would be the first time she was trying to sneak into the city itself, and one of the few times she had actually seen it firsthand. She let out a quiet sigh, thinking back to where her problem began.

Sly rolled over on her mat, trying to get comfortable. They were watching over Ashenvale forest in the dawning hours of the third war. The Orcs had only just attacked, and her unit was being sent to assist in the fighting. Her mother's ring, the last thing she had left of her, was resting atop a small jug near her mat.

A Sentinel near her rolled over, her arm splaying out, and tipped the jug. The ring slid off the top and nestled in a depression in the grass, out of sight. Several hours later Sly awoke, sitting up slowly on her mat and letting out a yawn. The flickering light from the fire someone started revealed it to be sometime in the late evening, going on night. Sly reached out for the jug and her ring, resting her hand atop it.

Her eyes shot wide open as she realized the ring wasn't there, and she scrambled to the jug to attempt to find it. In her haste, her knee struck the depression in the grass and soft dirt that her ring was resting in, pushing it even deeper into the hole. She let out a distraught noise, the Sentinel at her side coming awake.

"Sly? What's wrong?" She rubbed at her eye.

Sly was starting to get more upset now, her hands running along the ground to try to find the ring. "My mother's ring! It's gone!"

The Sentinel looked worried, then began to wake some of the other Sentinels of the camp to assist her in her search.

One of their newly awakened Sisters came over slowly, putting her hand on Sly's shoulder. "What does it look like?"

Sly looked up for a moment from where she was combing the ground with her eyes. "It's silver, with branches entwined along the circumference. You can't miss it, it shines in the moonlight."

Unless it was buried in dirt, as it was now. Sly's constant searching wasn't helping, and the other Sentinels walking around trying to find it weren't either. One of them stepped right atop it, pushing the ring in question even farther into the dirt.

From across the camp, a mocking laugh rang out. "Serves you right!"

Sly froze, looking toward the sound of the voice. An elf named Elsyn was walking toward her. The two had been at each other's throats for almost two months now. They had been amicable at one point, if never friends, but Elsyn's bow had slipped in the rain and grazed Slywyn's arm. Sly had always thought she shot her on purpose as a prank, and mutual hatred had grown from there.

The two were at least somewhat evenly matched in combat, though Slywyn held the edge in melee. If Elsyn could keep her at range, her superior bow skills would win a fight between them if it came to that. But they were in camp, and Elsyn was walking closer, into melee range.

"Maybe if you hadn't kicked my bowl over, your ring wouldn't have disappeared." Elsyn was talking of her idea of karma, where ill begets ill. Slywyn thought she was admitting to stealing the ring, and launched herself at Elsyn.

A fight broke out between the two, with Slywyn rapidly turning things even more in her favor as her fury at the other elf unleashed itself. Slywyn had always been known to have a bit of a temper, but that was quickly turning into murderous rage at the loss of the last memento of her mother.

While some of the other Sentinels tried to pull the two apart, largely unsuccessfully, some of the others went to find their commander, who was out scouting. They found her a few minutes later, returning with her quickly to the camp, which had degenerated even farther.

No one was ever really sure exactly where the dagger had come from, but everyone remembered exactly what happened afterward.

Elsyn had drawn the dagger from somewhere to try to defend herself, cutting Slywyn's arms and face several times in the process. But Slywyn had managed to overpower her and take the dagger from her.

Right as the commander strode into camp to attempt to calm things, Slywyn struck. The curved elven blade slipped right between Elsyn's ribs and punctured her heart, killing her almost instantly.

The camp seemed to freeze at that moment, many of the Sentinels expressions frozen in horror as the light went out of Elsyn's eyes, and she fell limp. Slywyn didn't seem to believe what had just happened, her hands quickly coming away from the hilt of the blade still buried in Elsyn's chest. She looked at her sisters imploringly, the words not seeming to come correctly from her mouth. "I didn't... I didn't mean to..."

Their commander's voice rang out into the clearing, clearly enraged at the murder that had just taken place within their ranks. "Restrain her!"

Several Sentinels snapped to the order, restraining Slywyn with ropes and leaving her near the fire. She didn't try to fight them, accepting what was to come.

It was several hours before the commander returned, moonlight shining down on them. She towered over Sly's form near the fire, motioning for two of the Sentinels at her side to lift her to her feet. She stood over the bound Sentinel, watching her, anger still apparent in her eyes.

"As much as I would like to remove your head for your stupidity, more death would not fix what happened here this evening. I will be sending a messenger to Hyjal to relay what I have decided shortly, but I am passing sentence now."

Slywyn seemed to shrink slightly, awaiting her decision.

"You are to be exiled from Night Elven lands for as long as you continue to live, never to return to darken our lands with your stupidity, or I -will- have you killed. As will any other dutiful Sentinel."

Sly opened her mouth to attempt to protest, but her commander cut her off short. "I would have your head right now if only to assuage my own grief at what you have done! But as I said, more death will not correct this." She motioned to one of the Sentinels behind her. "Take her armor. Give her clothing and one week's worth of food. If she tries to return to the camp, kill her."

She turned away from Slywyn, her silken cloak billowing out slightly behind her as she strode away.

Sly's head hung, the elf not even attempting to hold it high.

Slywyn opened her eyes, looking back to the portal from behind her helmet. If anyone could have seen her eyes behind the metal, they would have noticed they were shining, and it wasn't because of an internal light.
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