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Default Repentance

Slywyn was hidden behind her armor, posing as a Death Knight as she often did when she needed to sneak into Darnassus. She hadn't had any issues with the disguise, which always served her well. The helmet encased her head, keeping her face hidden behind thick metal. She stood just inside the portal from Rut'theran, waiting for a clear moment to make her way to the Temple.

She still had friends, few as they were, within the Night Elves, and one of them had informed her that her mother's ring had been found after years buried in the dirt. Her friend was a tradesman who worked in the city.

"She's taken to wearing it", she said. "I overheard when I was delivering a dress to the Temple. Thinks you won't ever come back for it." Slywyn and her friend were sitting inside Slywyn's home in Stormwind.

Slywyn's brows drew together. "How did she get my mother's ring?"

Her friend took a bite of fried fruit, resting one of her arms atop the table. She waved the bit of fruit with her other hand, gesturing as she told the story. "I did a little listening, seems whoever she was talking to asked much the same question. As she tells it, an adventurer a year or so ago discovered the ring half-buried in the dirt in Ashenvale. You should feel lucky, that area's got a volcano over it now."

Sly nodded a little, her own empty plate resting in front of her. "I heard. Haven't been able to see it myself."

Her friend's expression dropped slightly, remembering. "It must be hard." She watched Slywyn for a moment, who sat silently, then shook her head. "Anyway, the adventurer turned the ring into Astranaar when they found the initials inside of it, and when Astranaar figured out they were your mother's initials, the Sentinels in Astranaar then sent the ring on to the Temple. I hear Wolfrunner herself sent it on it's way."

Sly looked shocked for a moment. "Why would she?"

Her friend shook her head. "I couldn't tell you. All I know is that once it was sent to the Temple, nothing else has happened other than that Priest wearing it."

Sly frowned, her expression thoughtful. "My ring shouldn't be worn by her. Or anyone else. I'll get it back."

That's why she was here now. She leaned against one of the pillars outside the Temple of the Moon, watching. There were two Sentinels standing guard over the doorway, though each went to patrol the walkway outside of it every few minutes. Slywyn had walked up while they were returning, so she acted like she was just out for a stroll and taking a break, leaning against the stone.

When they both turned to leave, she waited until they were a few yards from the doorway and then slipped inside, looking all the world like one of the few Death Knights that had returned to worship Elune after their freedom. She went inside the Temple and approached the statue in the center, then kneeled. She let her head bow, as if in prayer.

In reality, she was watching as the different priestesses went about their business within the Temple, looking for the one with light blue hair and the silver dress wearing her ring. She didn't know exactly how she was going to get the ring back. Getting into the city itself had been her only concern, and she thought she'd be able to figure out how to get the ring from her once she was inside the Temple. Truthfully, she couldn't think of anything short of knocking her out and taking it.

She must have been kneeling before the statue longer than she thought because one of the Priestesses approached her from behind. "Is everything alright?"

Sly froze for a moment. She recognized that voice, if barely. She felt like her heart skipped a beat. Even though she couldn't remember the name, she was almost certain that if she spoke or removed her helmet, she'd be recognized instantly. Instead she just nodded, standing slowly. The twin swords she wore on her back clinked together quietly as she straightened up, still facing the statue.

She clasped her hands together in front of her, as if in a reverent silence, and the Priestess stepped up onto the ledge of the pool to stand next to her. She stood quietly for a moment, then leaned over to speak to her. "Isn't she beautiful?"

Sly nodded again, still afraid to speak. She didn't want to look at her either. The helmet might replicate the echoing voice of a Death Knight fairly convincingly, but it did nothing for her eyes. They glowed as silver as any other living Night Elf, and would give her away.

The Priest, still trying to strike up conversation, looked at her for a moment. "Why are you here?"

Sly frowned for a moment, this wasn't really a question she could answer without speaking. "I'm just visiting."

The Priestess seemed a little taken aback once she spoke, her ears drooping slightly at hearing her voice. She looked her over again. "I see. Are you looking for answers perhaps? Or purpose?"

Sly shook her head, giving a quick glance in the Priestess's direction. "I was just on a walk."

She nodded, looking back at the statue again. She went quiet for a minute, then looked at Sly as if confused. Slywyn froze, unsure what was causing the Priestess to look at her. She continued to stare for a moment, and then her brows drew together. "You're not one of the Ebon Knights at all, are you? There's no magic about you. Take off your helmet. Why are you hiding?"

Sly went rigid. She never thought of that. It was a stupid thing to overlook. They were powered by magic. It's why they lived. She had no way to replicate that. Only the voice. And if someone found out she was faking the voice, like now, they'd probably be curious. She shook her head, unsure of what to say. One of the Sentinels within the Temple began her rounds.

The Priestess reached up, her hand going to the band securing Sly's helmet to her head. "Come on now. There's no need to hide." Sly's heart started racing, her mind started ticking over, trying to think of what to do. She knew she recognized the Priestess, but she couldn't remember her name. It was possible the Priestess would recognize her as well. All she could do now was hope she was sympathetic. Or run.

Running was probably the better option.

Sly stood still as the Priestess undid the strap holding her helmet on, and then slid it off of her head. Her ears, cooped up inside the helmet, sprung free. Her right ear, missing a chunk near the bottom, drooped lower than the other. The Priestess looked at her for a moment, seeming confused. Then Slywyn got a better look at the Sentinel on rounds moving their way, and her jaw dropped. It was Illyra, one of the Sentinels who had been there the day she was exiled. She'd recognize Slywyn. She was sure of it.

The Priestess, still looking unsure, followed her gaze to the Sentinel making her way toward them. When she saw who it was, her mind made the connections. She turned back to Sly. "Slywyn!?" The Sentinel stopped in her tracks, glancing up to the pair on the statue. "But you're... What're you doing here?!" Illyra looked at her and frowned, her face taking on a stern set. She immediately made her way toward the two of them, stopping in front of Slywyn, who seemed to be rooted in place.

She immediately drew her weapon, leveling it at her. "You are wanted by the Sentinels for murder, and I am also adding breaking exile to that because you're in the city. Come quietly, murderer." Sly set her face. She didn't want to hurt anyone in the Temple, but she didn't intend to be captured, either. Almost in the same movement she took her helmet back from the Priestess, and jumped backward into the fountain. The splashing water bought her enough time to fasten the strap around her neck to hold the helmet onto her head.

Illrya let out a cry, some of the other Sentinels in the Temple turning toward them with the splash, and then several began running toward them with the cry. Slywyn had enough time to draw one of the swords from her back before Illyra charged into the fountain, blade first.

Slywyn brought her sword up across her body in both hands, sweeping it up and under the front tip of Illyra's glaive. She wasn't trying to hurt the Sentinel, just escape. The motion threw Illyra slightly off balance, and Slywyn spun toward her, kicking water up into her face. As she spun past, she elbowed Illyra in the side forcefully. She could feel one of the ribs just under her arm cracking, and winced. She turned her blade sideways, guiding the flat of it the back of her head, where it struck the metal of headband, the same kind that all the Sentinels wore, with a loud crack. Already off balance and winded, she was knocked off her feet into the pool face first.

It had only taken seconds, but when Elves could move have again as fast as most Humans could, seconds were precious. Slywyn did have two things in her favor, though. She was far older than most of the Sentinels within this temple, and so was more experienced in combat. Secondly, she was fully armored. Most of the Sentinels were in their traditional guardsman armor, which was not meant for full combat.

Slywyn lept out of the pool at the foot of the statue and started running toward the door, her armor and cloak flinging water everywhere. As she ran she drew the other sword, holding one in each hand. The swords were twinned, the one that sat in her off hand, her right hand, about a third smaller than it's brother. It's hilt was also larger, used more for blocking than full attacking, though the blade was sharp enough that it could be used.

One of the Sentinels, faster than the others, intercepted Slywyn several feet from the door. She lashed out with her glaive, though the tip skittered off of Slywyn's shoulder armor. The screeching sound rang in her ears as she turned, lashing out with the sword in her right hand. The Sentinel dodged backward and Sly turned toward her, putting her back to the open door. The two Sentinels standing guard outside had been patrolling, but both stepped inside at the sound of metal against metal.

Slywyn slashed at the Sentinel she had swung at before, driving her back again. She spun around, facing the two blocking the door, and bull rushed them. She shouldered into one of the two, knocking her off of her feet with a gasp, and the other grasped at her arm. As the one she'd struck with her shoulder fell, she swept Slywyn's legs with her feet, knocking her to the ground. She hit with a clattering of metal, rolling out of the way as the one that had grabbed onto her arm brought her glaive around toward Slywyn's chest.

The glaive struck the ground, and Slywyn pushed herself to her feet, breaking toward the bridge across the lake surrounding the Temple. A bell somewhere began ringing insistently as an alarm, and Slywyn could see some of the Sentinels near the bank beginning to run from their posts towards the Temple.

She cursed, leaping from the top of the ramp down toward the bridge. She landed about halfway down, rolled, and took to her feet, intending to try to make it about halfway across the bridge and then jump to the water below. She'd climb down Teldrassil if she had to. As the Sentinels at the bridge ran to meet her, and the Sentinels behind her from the Temple gave chase, she turned toward the side of the bridge. She lept, diving for the water off the side.

She knew something was wrong almost instantly, feeling resistance to her flight. One of the Sentinels from the Temple had been closer than she thought, and had grabbed onto her cape as she lept. They planted their feet and pulled, stopping her short. Slywyn crashed into the curb on the side of the bridge, the stone denting her chestplate as it made contact. The Sentinel that had grabbed her was pulled from her feet, falling forward onto her knees.

Slywyn came to a knee, holding out one of her swords, only to find two or three glaives at her neck. She stopped. She knew she was caught. If she jumped into the water now they'd just swarm her. She could try to fight but she didn't want to hurt them any more than she already had. She dropped her swords, letting them clatter to the stone of the bridge. "I ask one thing."

One of the Sentinels, wearing a badge signifying her as being higher rank than the others, raised her eyebrow. "What is it?"

Slywyn hoped they'd grant her this one thing, but she almost knew they wouldn't. "One of the priestesses, she has something of mine. Could you bring her to me so I can see it before you take me?"

The Sentinel almost laughed. "Of course not." She looked at the Sentinels gathered around her. "Take her to the dens. Now."

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