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The Molten Front

(Note: This is not meant to be canon. It's just a write up of my character's point of view as she goes through the Molten Front as if she were 'the' hero. It's also probably going to make Sly look like a sue, but it's for narrative purposes, I promise.)

"Miss Ravenwind! Miss Ravenwind!" Sly stopped short as she walked through the Trade District of Stormwind, looking around for who was calling her name. A guard ran up behind her, panting a bit. She turned to stare at him, her arms crossed.

The guard pushed his visor up, his cheeks billowing as he caught his breath. "You elves sure do take big steps." He bent over, his hands on his knees. Sly looked him over for some indication of what he wanted, noting a rolled up parchment in his hand. As he stood up, she snatched it right as he began to speak.

"I ha-." He stopped, peering at where the paper used to be. "Um, your assistance is requested in Hyjal." Sly turned away from the paper she'd already begun to read, and glared at him.


The guard blinked for a moment, then as Slywyn continued to glare at him, began to look unsettled. He finally turned on his heel and started away, walking much faster than would seem normal. Sly's scar, and her predator's glare, usually did that to people. She smirked a bit, then turned to the parchment, her eyebrows slowly going up as she read.

The Guardians of Hyjal, led by Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, seek brave heroes to assist with a full-scale assault on the Firelands.

Willing and able-bodied heroes of the Alliance should report to the Sanctuary of Malorne in Mount Hyjal immediately.

Her lips pursed, then she tossed the paper to the street. "Looks like I'm getting altitude sickness again."


Matoclaw the Tauren stood at the Sanctuary of Malorne as heroes from all over Azeroth slowly turned up to assist the Guardians in their impending assault on the Firelands. Undead, Elves of both kinds, Humans, Orcs, other Tauren, all were answering the call.

But someone they were waiting for was still missing. She craned her head, looking for the familiar ear she'd gotten used to seeing the last time the Elf had been in Hyjal. She opened her mouth to yell as she spotted a head of white hair, but it turned out to be a Blood Elf.

Then she saw her. "Slywyn!" The Tauren waved her arm, gesturing the Night Elf over once she caught her gaze. Several angry cries came from the crowd of defenders and heroes as the Night Elf pushed her way over. She stood about half a foot higher than the Tauren, and her familiar blue armor made her an imposing sight, especially with the hilt of her sword sticking up over her shoulder.

Slywyn smirked at the Druid. "You called?"

Matoclaw nodded, letting out a slightly relieved sigh. "Thank you for answering our call for aid, Slywyn. Many of the Guardians did not want to start without you. Unfortunately..."

Slywyn quirked an eyebrow. "Unfortunately...?"

"You're a bit late. Hamuul, Malfurion, and some of our esteemed guests have already traveled to the invasion point, atop that cliff. Our gate to the Firelands is not yet completed, but it will be shortly. The sooner we can break through, the better. Go on! Hamuul will be expecting you." Matoclaw pointed behind her to a cliff with some kind of strange portal-thing sitting atop it.

Slywyn nodded, then looked to the cliff that Matoclaw pointed out. She spun on her heel, immediately heading away. Matoclaw's goodbye was drowned out by the growing din of the crowd.


Slywyn strode up to Hamuul Runetotem after climbing the hill, tapping the Tauren on the arm. He spun around to see who wanted his attention, then smiled. "Slywyn. It is good to see you again. Our gate is nearly opened."

Hamuul gestured behind him to the strange portal. "We appear to have everything under control. Our invasion portal to the Firelands will be opened momentarily, and the elementals have not put up much fight. Assist our druids by dispatching the last few of these elementals. Then, once the gate has been opened, we can make our move."

Slywyn looked around his shoulder, leaning to her right, to see that several elementals were indeed harassing the defenders, but they were being put down quickly. She nodded, then moved to stand at Hamuul's side as they waited for the portal to come open.

Finally, the portal tore open with a flash of flame, and a veritable army of elementals rolled through. Hamuul turned to Slywyn to call for her to enter the fray, but the Night Elf was already off like a rocket, charging straight for the nearest elemental.


The combat was short and quick, dead husks of elementals cluttering the ground before the newly-opened portal. Slywyn pulled her blade free of the molten corpse of one, going to sheathe it, before she noticed something stirring in the portal's maw.

She turned toward it, and the shape of a female Night Elf came into view. Clad in flame-wreathed robes, she strode out of the portal as if she owned it.

Hamuul raised his arm, calling out to the gathered Druids. "Druids, hold your fire! She is unarmed!"

Slywyn turned to ask Hamuul if he was an idiot, but her jaw dropped. Standing next to and slightly behind Hamuul Runetotem, was none other than Malfurion Stormrage. She had to fight the urge to go to a knee. Malfurion also raised a hand. "Wait a moment... I know that girl. Leyara, is that you?"

Slywyn pivoted back toward Leyara, eyeing the Druid clad in flame. She took a step toward the Druid, but recoiled almost immediately. She was giving off so much heat that the trailing edge of Slywyn's armor actually began to glow red.

"Minions of the Firelord, lay waste to these invaders! The Guardians of Hyjal shall burn for their arrogance!", the Flame Druid called out. Slywyn's face turned down into a frown, and she readied her blade.

"You will all suffer the wrath of Ragnaros! DIE!" The searing heat around her turned out to be a prepared spell, and Leyara unleashed a nova of flame around her that killed some of the more adventurous Druids almost immediately.

Slywyn had to turn away to shield her eyes, feeling the outskirts of the spell wash over her. She snarled, then turned and charged the Druid of the Flame, leading swordpoint first. The Flame Druid simply laughed, jumping into the air.

She turned into a phoenix midjump, and Slywyn hacked at empty air. She glared up at Leyara. "No matter. I shall watch Hyjal burn from afar." Leyara then flew out of arrow or spell reach, winging off to another point in Hyjal.

Slywyn turned to the two powerful Druids, waiting for some kind of information or orders. She once more sheathed her sword.

Hamuul spoke first. "A flame druid... she is dangerous, Malfurion. You know her?"

Malfurion turned to Hamuul. "Yes, Hamuul. And she's more dangerous than you know."

Slywyn raised an eyebrow, striding toward Malfurion. "Just what the hell was that."

Malfurion eyed Slywyn, his lips pursing ever so slightly. "We should not worry about this "Druid of the Flame" for the time being. We must be concerned with the continuance of our operation. Return to Matoclaw at the Sanctuary of Malorne. If Ragnaros was prepared for our arrival, then I anticipate that his forces will launch a counterattack soon."

Slywyn nodded to Malfurion, gave a wave to Hamuul, and started back down the hill.
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