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Ethaelen strode into the Cenarion Enclave in Darnassus looking tired, as had become the norm. One of the Druids there, a fellow by the name of Erendrathis Ivyleaf, stopped her near the door. It had been him who had found her in Rut'theran Village a little over a year ago, wandering confused through the buildings there. She had seemed to have no memory of who she was or what she had done before that point.

Even so, he could tell she had a closer connection to nature than others, and had brought her in for candidacy testing for Druid training. Unfortunately she had failed. They found that, strangely, she could not connect to the Dream by any means. Even when guided by others, it eluded her as if the Dream itself would not allow her within.

They had kept her on, letting her work with them and learn what she could from them. Eventually she was able to stand on her own two feet, so to speak, and was able to secure her own place within the city instead of bunking at the Enclave. She stopped by from time to time, though ever since she had joined the Sentinels as a healer, the visits were fewer and farther between.

That she had come in was a rare treat, but Eren could tell something was wrong.

"You haven't been sleeping again, have you?" He looked at her face, noticing the discoloration under her eyes from lack of sleep.

She had always had trouble sleeping. Almost since the day she appeared she had been wracked by terrible nightmares that often persisted for weeks or months at a time, causing her to lose sleep or even not sleep at all for extended periods of time.

Ethaelen shook her head, turning away from him slightly. "No."

He frowned and nodded, leading her away from the door. "Are they similar?" She nodded without speaking. He let out an unhappy sigh, guiding her to the bench. "You're here to spend the night again, aren't you?"

Ethaelen nodded, leaning back against the wall with her eyes closed.

Whenever the nightmares were at their worst, Ethaelen could always be guaranteed at least one good night's sleep if she slept near the moonwell in the bottom of the Enclave's tower. Something about it's healing energies enabled her to keep the nightmares away, at least for a time. It never lasted long because she always insisted she felt strange near the moonwells, though he often thought she simply didn't want to impede on their hospitality longer than she needed to.

He nodded, standing. "I'll go get you a blanket."

Ethaelen opened her eyes and nodded, giving him a thankful look. "Maybe they'll leave for the night."

He smiled at her before turning away. "They always do."
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