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Default Letter

Slaye sat in her chair in her small room in one of the smaller tunnels in the Caverns of Time. The room was small and mostly barren, the only decorations a vase with a single flower, and a picture. The picture sat in it's frame on the table in front of her. Slaye leaned on her elbows onto the table, her head resting on her hands. Her eyes looked wet.

Also on the table before her rested a few sheets of paper, along with a charcoal writing pencil. She looked at the picture for a few moments longer, then stood from the table. She stepped out of the room for a moment, presumably to get some air.

The picture within the frame was of her old Empire, specs of dust already gathering upon the thin glass holding the picture in place. Within it's frame were many members of the Empire standing in rows, as if for a meeting or some other kind of gathering. They looked resplendent in ceremonial dress or armor, each clearly captured onto paper as if by magic. There was no evidence of paint or an artist's touch of any kind.

Two of the sheets of paper had writing on them. The first was addressed to the Empire at large:


Know that even if it's been months, or years, since you've seen me last, it has not been that long since I've seen you. I managed to capture an image of you all with a device given to me by one of the Keepers here. He says it'll be invented years from now. I don't even question how long any more. The time blurs together here.

I wish you could remember me. The things I did for you. The blood shed, the pain never shown. Time sacrificed, work done. Gold spent. None of that means anything now. I know that I am doing more for you now than I ever could have before. I'm protecting all of you from things that you won't even know could have happened.

Even so, I wish that you could remember me as I remember myself. Not as you remember me. I was harsh, cold, distant, and even angry toward many of you. I did my best to serve you even so.

I would say that I hope to see you soon, but soon seems to be relative here. Soon my time? Or soon yours? One isn't very soon at all.


The second letter was hidden behind the first, addressed to a single person.


I hope you're alright. It's been rough for me. I wonder, at times, if you can still sense me through that bond you created between us. I doubt you can, or if it's even true. And a part of me hopes that you don't, because if you do, and it works, they'll have to take you here. Away from your 'family' in the Empire, your new friends that I know you're making despite yourself.

We would be together then, but this isn't much of an existence. It's a constant job with little downtime. We remain ever vigilant for things that you won't even suspect. I was able to catch a glimpse of you within the city when I was looking for that Mage. I don't even know how long ago it was. You wouldn't have recognized me.

You look strong, though you don't seem to have grown any. I think that new thing you're doing with your hair looks better than how you had it before. It looks better longer.

Stay strong, little one.


Slaye stepped back into the room a few minutes later, rubbing the side of her face. Her expression seemed to have cleared, the walk doing her some good. She looked down at the letters with a bemused expression, then reached out toward the picture.

She picked it up and held it for a moment, looking it over. Her face grew slightly darkened once more, sadness haunting her features. She placed the picture on a shelf near the window, facedown so that she couldn't see it.

She looked back at the letters, then scoffed. " 'Writing to them will do you some good, Slaye.' Right."

She swept the letters up in her hand then crumpled them, tossing both into the fireplace.

Slaye stood silently watching them as both letters went up in smoke, then once more stepped out of the room. This time she brought her sword.

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